Making Movies

So this is where as the keeper of this website I have been asked to write about myself. Oh that's, like, easy coz I'm a writer. I know how to write stuff. Right. And as writers we write not only what we know but also what we find curious, do not understand and try to figure out. I know me. I find myself curious and I shall try to figure this out for the rest of my life.


Also I am a director. When I write something, I write it not to be read on its unswerving accord of being a piece of writing but to be made into a film. To not copy reality but to chase truths with cinematic means. Now that is a huge, massive, overly-big/pig-headed goal to be had. And it seems others think so, too. Which makes navigating this industry feel a bit like subaqueous exploration. Thank the film gods for nurturing islands such as the European Genre Forum.


Perspective is as unfathomable to me as it appears to be to many of my circle. I was born in rural Germany to a loving family in a small house. I spent much of my adulthood and education in the U.K., a country that I consider home away from home and that is now unrecognisable to me. A part of me feels like an exiled German living on borrowed ground in generous Hamburg. I write mostly in English. That complicates things in the eyes of the cautious. It also makes my work so much more exhilarating.


Times are particularly exciting with my feature NO MAN'S LAND in development and with the production of my short SHADOW PLAYERS coming up. Lastly, I admit I do occasionally write without the intent to bend prose out of shape and into a film. The versatility of words must be celebrated alongside their backbone capability when it comes to making movies.


Mel x

Mel Piper's work is registered with the Writer's Guild of America and the Hamburg-based law firm Unverzagt Von Have.