Diverse voices SemiFinalist

''The concept itself is so underplayed here to a tremendous extent, leaving just enough mystery in the narrative to keep the reader questioning what's going on and whether or not any of this is real but offering enough to know that there's a tremendous quest for Lumière in the story - the question that abounds is whether or not it's physical or mental.


The slipstream element here is strong and lingers with the reader long after the final page of the script; it's compelling and original to no end.''

''Best of all about the writing is that it is so richly evocative, immersing the reader in a very defined aesthetic and tone, both fantastic and highly cultured. Both in its ideas and emotions, this script is covering terrain much too often neglected in contemporary film.''


''Characters have clearly defined personalities, making them a joy to follow along as the mystery of the narrative unfolds.''

Placed Seventh in 2017 Top10 Loglines

''The story is incredibly imaginative and very unique. The way in which the music is woven into the plot is well-crafted and demonstrates tremendous skill.''

370 industry score

The screenplay is registered with the law firm Unverzagt Von Have.

Writers Guild of America # 1878213