It's all about sparks. There are an innumerable amount of sparks. Everyday. Sparks are the currency by which we can confirm the possibility of love. Sometimes sparks is all you get. Sometimes they accumulate into full-blown fireworks. The expensive kind above a castle pond.


I recently felt sparks. A very bold kind. In fact, they hit me in the guts and on my way home I started to cry coz I felt happy. What can I say, I am an emotional one. Also I was not expecting to find them where I did. I guess the good ones are never expected. They sneak up on you and, well, are capable to overwhelm. I sparked with my hairdresser. At first sight he may not have been the ravishingly handsome man you'd expect. Rather rough around the edges, a little stumpy with an impish smile.


The swivel chair I sat in creaked slightly as I shifted my weight. He watched me watch him across the mirror. It was our first time together and I was prepared for an adventure – my long blondes had to come off. To become shorter and even blonder. To turn to an unknown hairdresser for this was daring but necessary. That way I couldn't pull out of my plan.


When his icy blue eyes met mine I realized he looked like a geek usually hidden behind stacks of comics. I straightened my back at the thought of geeks. Especially those who were so not what you'd expect. His unusually small hands grabbed the back of my head and tilted it sideways assessing the situation. Goodness, he was strong. Lots of hair. A lot one can do with it. Beautiful.

But lately it had become a burden.


He knew exactly what he was doing. Sparks at his touch. What was I doing? Was he going to burn the hair off my head? He proceeded to cut it instead, colour it blonde. With proper hairdresser decorum he asked me daring questions and I obeyed answers. His professionally driven interest in me startled me. Lulled me in comfortably. At some point I turned to ask about him. He didn't seem to mind me treating him to an equally intuitive inquiry.


In the end I floated out of his establishment. My broad smile fleetingly replaced by tears. No mistakin' he had made me happy. My hair is perfect. Taking a wobbly step out onto the street I suddenly realized I sparked with the way he saw me. The way I was now looking at myself.


Sometimes sparks is all you get. And sometimes they accumulate into full-blown fireworks. The expensive kind above a castle pond.


Wishing you a loving -