In a future Europe scarred by segregation a physically impaired investigator applies her alchemist methods to track down missing persons and ultimately restores hope in peaceful unity.

Imagine a Europe where each country is separated from the next by expanding stretches of no-man’s-land. In this world an alchemist finds missing tale-travellers. And a scientist researches a cure for the no-man’s-land. Their endeavours collide when the scientist asks the alchemist to find his son.


With this film I want to explore my hopes and fears as a European. For me both are linked to a personal debate on what it means to be free and how to cope with illness. There is a connection between the soul and the appearance of our world. As there is between the soul and the appearance of a human being. The no-man’s-land is an entity, a manifestation of what we usually cannot see: The underlying grid of our togetherness, that either keeps people connected or keeps them apart.


Interview with creator Mel Piper

WGA # 1994728