A stranded adventurer must tell his tale-travelling lover the beginning of her new story before she disintegrates with the ending of their time together.


Copetas: What about love?

Burroughs: Ugh.

Bowie: I’m not at ease with the word “love.”

Burroughs: I’m not either. (…) I don’t think that “love” is a useful word. It is predicated on a separation of a thing called sex and a thing called love and that they are separate. (…)

Bowie: The word is wrong, I’m sure. It is the way you understand love. The love that you see, among people who say, “We’re in love,” it’s nice to look at… but wanting not to be alone, wanting to have a person there that they relate to for a few years is not often the love that carries on throughout the lives of those people. There is another word. I’m not sure whether it is a word. Love is every type of relationship that you think of… I’m sure it means relationship, every type of relationship that you can think of.”


I read this 1974 interview in the Rolling Stone, a conversation between David Bowie and William Burroughs. They met each other for the first time and were invited by the reporter Craig Copetas to talk about love. I very much enjoy what they had to say. SHADOW PLAYERS is about celebrating the moment of togetherness. A relationship, every type of relationship you can think of, is a wonderful condition. Fragile and unpredictable. Are our feelings for one another capable of shaping our togetherness and change the world? I believe so. At the end Mlle Luchs and Polaris let each go of the other precisely because they love each other. Out of their love a new story is born. Although the word is wrong, I'm sure.


Europe's growing political instability raises my distinct need for reality-transcending perspectives. Society and politics come under pressure for failing to offer an explanation, and my small world becomes a hatchery for fantasy and fairytales. This love story is ambitious enough to become a parable for a larger one: An ode to a Europe that also must tell its future anew if it wants to stay alive.

WGA # 1958681